Managing director of Sydney Direct Fresh Produce Luke Kohler gives us a rundown on the third annual SDFP Pine Mushroom Trip.

The "Meet The Grower" campaign was started as a way to inform Luke's customers about where their fruit and vegetables come from. We want our customers to feel educated and to make good decisions when choosing their produce. In addition we love to share experiences that get them out of the kitchen and back in tune with nature.

Sydney Direct Fresh Produce is on a mission to create a more positive culture within the hospitality industry and help chefs to relax on one of our many adventures.

Our annual SDFP Pine Mushroom Trip was a huge hit. We kicked off with breakfast & coffee and hit the road in search of some Pine Mushrooms and slippery Jacks with 35 of our chef customers.

SDFPFORAGE2019 45.jpg

We had expert forager Diego Bonetto aka "The Weedy One" educating the chefs on what they can and can't pick as well as determining what other forage items where edible. We also had our exclusive gourmet mushroom guy cooking up some of his rare and unique mushrooms for the chefs to sample.

We finished the day with chef  Michael Gleave & his partner Janet from "The Merivale Group" cooking up a BBQ storm with our favourite hot sauce Little Man Jerk.

Wrapping up the day with a fire, industry conversation and laughs. It was a real joy to see our customers getting out in nature and enjoying a break from kitchen life.

Thank you to everyone who came along and made the effort. If you missed yesterdays adventure, be sure to get involved in next years Pine Mushroom trip chef.

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