We took the next generation of chefs from the Solotel group on our educational coastal forage from Bondi to Bronte. We kickstarted the day at our usual breakfast hangout Drake Eatery and enjoyed the best avocado and eggs, coffee and juice in Bondi, courtesy of head chef and owner Ian Oakes.

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Diego aka ”The Weedy One” is our expert forager who brings the passion, knowledge and positive energy every time. From the get-go, the chefs were captivated and inspired, but most importantly it was nice to see them relax in nature and enjoy a morning stroll while being educated.

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Finishing up in Bronte the SDFP team put together a BBQ with some homemade cookies and invited everyone for a dip in the ocean.It was a magical Monday and a real pleasure to enjoy this experience with our customers.

Thanks for attending and taking the morning to join us.

Luke Kohler and the SDFP team.

Please contact your accounts manager if you would like to take part in our upcoming educational chef adventures or ”Meet The Grower” campaign.

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