As part of our "Meet The Grower" campaign, we recently took a trip to Tasmania to source some of the best produce it had to offer and educate our customers. 

Our good friend and top chef Massimo Mele joined us for the adventure and to cook up some dishes from our findings. Sydney Direct Fresh Produce owner Luke Kohler is always on the hunt to find unique and top quality fruit and vegetables for his customers.

Japanese Wasabi is one of the world’s rarest and most valuable exotic vegetables and has been used with traditional dishes such as sushi, sashimi and soba noodles for centuries.

This amazing plant is a semi-aquatic herb which evolved along the edges of mountain streams in Japan.  Its need for very specific cold climatic conditions ranks it amongst the world’s most difficult crops to grow.  


Shima Wasabi is Australian and been around for over 12 years and is now the largest producer of fresh wasabi in the Southern Hemisphere.  

They utilise climate-controlled greenhouses and a unique hydroponic production system to produce premium-quality fresh wasabi all year round, which rivals the very best quality wasabi found in Japan.


Shima Wasabi is proudly an Australian-owned and operated company.  All their wasabi products are 100% pure, authentic Japanese wasabi, grown on the farm in the pristine waters and climate of Tasmania.