Innovation, customer service, and healthy, genuine relationships within the community are at the core of Sydney Direct Fresh Produce (SDFP), who supply over 400 clients with fruit and vegetables, including restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs and cafes in the Sydney Metro, Blue Mountains, Newcastle and Illawarra regions. SDFP is a family-run business, headed up by Managing Director and Penrith local, Luke Kohler, who completed his apprenticeship and came on board the first family fruit and vegetable business 16 years ago, at age sixteen. Luke’s family have always been providores, and Luke’s company has 40 years of combined family experience behind it, so you can assume that Luke has providoring in his blood! 

While SDFP has a warehouse and cold storage facility located within Sydney Markets, Luke has kept the business organic, humble and with a real, authentic local feel and is now one of Sydney’s premier fruit and vegetable providores. The organic foundation of the business, which Luke started ten years ago, began with Luke supplying to local Penrith kebab shops, and SDFP has experienced consistent 15-20% annual growth since – a great example to young Penrith locals harbouring a dream to start their own business. Luke attributes his key to success to maintaining a high balance – often not an easy task in the industry – and an inherent willingness to support his team to take ownership and flourish within the business in their own right.


Owner Luke Kohler is passionate about delivering the highest quality produce, provide outstanding customer service and wholeheartedly believes in supporting and adding value to his clients, primarily chefs. SDFP focuses on innovative ways to educate customers through social media and educational experiences: For example, chefs have been invited along to the ‘Meet the Grower’ monthly campaigns - Luke’s opportunity to give back to the growers and provide information on the produce they are buying. ‘Pop-up Dinners’ are another concept sponsored by SDFP whereby chefs are invited to enjoy a 5-course degustation, celebrating the produce of various regions, and hosted by local and renowned chefs such as James Metcalfe and Massimo Mele. And finally, SDFP is always looking for unique produce, and hosts the annual ‘Truffle Hunt’ experience in Canberra, taking clients hunting and foraging for beautiful herbs and leaves.


Sydney Direct Fresh Produce has a big change ahead. Its a new home and we will be sharing SDFP owner Luke Kohlers journey.

Its been the biggest challenge of his life and we will take you inside the life of a providore.