"MEET THE EDUCATOR" - Diego Bonetto & The SDFP Annual Pine Mushroom Trip

Every year we take a selection of our customers on a seasonal pine mushroom foraging trip with the environmental enabler and cultural producer Diego Bonetto "The Weedy One". This year we had an absolute ball and were able to expand our "Meet The Grower" series to "Meet The Educator". 

Diego gave us so many golden nuggets, facts and ways to find pine mushrooms and slippery jacks without damaging the environment. We are so excited about next year's chef adventure. A massive thank you to everyone involved.

Diego works with chefs, scientists, architects, academics, herbalists, brewers, soap makers, producers, educators and land owners, providing programs, workshops, tours, community engagement strategies and exhibitions. He regularly presents at conferences and symposiums on the ecological and cultural value of botanical species.

Diego is now collaborating with a cluster of developers, web producers naturalists, horticulturalists to create Wild Food Map -- a community to identify public domain food and medicine plants living in the landscape, sharing locations and related knowledge through social media interaction.

Go to www.diegobonetto.com to find out more.